Pictures from my Friday walk. I wish you will have a nice weekend. We are going to be this weekend here.


Silent Thursday

I´m listening Sade, their new album Soldier of Love.



I´m making a trend analysis. It´s a part of my Trend forecasting studying module. My research topic is Local Cocooning ="paikallinen kotoilu" and I´ve been
collecting research material quite much, but I still would like to know peoples ideas about this topic. Locality, organic food, downshifting,
communities, working at home, anything that comes to your mind. How do you feel it and what do you think about it? How does it show in your everyday life?
I´m really curious to know your thoughts and answers would help me a lot. Thanks :)!


Stone and tiles

I´m having a lack of inspiration after a nice weekend.


Uni on 2010

Last week we went to Artek, Uni on 2010-exhibition opening party. It was a nice evening, a good exhibition and there was a lot of great people.


Winter storm

Yesterday we had a snow storm and tonight there´s going to be another and bigger one.
I´m going to be indoors and sip warm tea.
Animals on the street

That waving pig is hilarious :)





I hope your week have started in a nice way. I want to thank you for your really nice comments, it´s always a pleasure :)


Valentine´s day
Making of semla

A selfmade semla (laskiaispulla in Finnish) after a long and sunny Sunday walk was delicious. This time we filled the buns with cream and jam. Yummy!


Easy going

Breakfast is my thing on weekend mornings. Have a nice Saturday!



I started to grow peas sprouts. It´s easy, just soak dry peas in water over one night and after that put the peas in the pot with dirt,
remember to water. Now I´m waiting to have some green from the pot.




Inspiring book 8

This book Kauhalla ja vasaralla by Ullamaija Hänninen is so beautiful book (unfortunately, it´s only in finnish). Immediately pictures leads
me elsewhere. This is a really good book for me right now, it helps me get through this endless winter.
This and that

Today I was supposed to do my study at home and what happened...I made a BIG cleaning and washed laundries. Nothing happened with my study,
so now I don´t have to think what I´m going to do this evening.


Too big bag

Today was these days, that I just ran everywhere and I didn´t get much done :)
I also carried too big bag on my shoulder whole noon and got a nasty headache.
But as you can see in the first picture, I managed to catch some sunlight today
and now I´m waiting to get some fresh buns from the oven, so everything is quite ok here :)



I don´t want to whine, but it is still snowing.
This shop always cheers me up. I LOVE it.


Sunday pastries

This was a good weekend, lot of sleep and good food.