One evening at Linnanmäki. Rollercoaster and waffle with cream and strawberry jam was my favorite.


Get together

Theme was Salad & Sangria. It was such a great evening, I love that loud what we can create when we are together. Thanks ladies :)

Sam, 8-9 weeks old <3


Baking and making

Preparing get-together evening.
My mate

Two and a half years old


Sunny Sunday



Trip to Suomenlinna. Cold white wine and some food in a good company, best way to start weekend.
Bright Blue


Yesterday afternoon

Pie Party
My backyard

HOLIDAY! Weather is lovely, sun is shining and nights are warm. Love it. Third day of my holiday is starting. Already I have seen a lot of my dear friends,
been up late and slept late at mornings.


Last morning

From tomorrow I´m on holiday. This morning was last morning to think about work for whole month. Have a nice Tuesday!

Last Sunday offered perfect places to relax. Forest and sea, what else you need.


Summer Sunday at island

After a while

Hello! It´s almost one year from my last pictures.
And now I´m back in the game :)
I hope that you will find me again after my silence period.
I decided to continue Hujour, instead of starting something totally new. Last fall I wasn´t sure about that, but now it feels right decision.
This past year is been full of experiences and all of them was not nice at all, but after all I can say, life leads us in the right places.

I hope that you all old and new readers will continue this travel with me :)