Summer night

So much light in these early summer nights. Just spending time in the park with good company.



This has been a little bit busy week. I´m doing all the things in the same time. Have a nice and sunny weekend!


Day off

Yesterday was day off. We just enjoyed the sunshine and ate good food. Cafe Aaltopelti is celebrating
opening ceremony on Sunday afternoon.



The letter came including good news for me. I was happily suprised.

Matthew Rich


Farming lot

I like this part of a season. Nature is singing, it´s fresh and it`s growing and growing. We went to walk to the farming
lot. Sun was shining and birds were singing. It was hard to leave and go back to the centre.

I would like to have a Baggu bag.


Friday feeling 2

Tea, the Domino-cookies and a great book about the ribbon ornaments. Have a nice weekend!
Friday feeling

Nice day. Wallpaper meeting with the Design Forum and a ride with my bike around the city.


Wallpaper wonder

I told you before, that some things are going on with my 3D-wallpaper and the Design Forum Finland. The Design Forum
is going to have a Luxury-summer exhibition and my 3D-wallpaper is going to be there. This week I went to see my
wallpaper sponsor Lauritzon. I´m flattered, they are sponsoring all materials that I need for the exhibition and I can
freely choose the materials from their wallpaper models, no limits. They have hundreds of wallpaper models so it´s going
to be hard for me to decide. I will show you later wich models I decided to use.


Cups and colours

First post of my product design. These ceramic cups are the spice cups with a wooden colourfull covers. Colours
helps you remember the cups content.



Nature is blooming.


Sweet sunday

Sometimes I wonder what I´m really going to do when I´m "grown up". Yesterday evening I dreamed that I could be a
confectioner. I found a nice book from the library, which tells about a nice pastry shop Vete-Katten in Stockholm.
Book is all about beautiful photos and good recipes.


Dress dreaming

I´m dreaming of new summer dresses. Those are my old ones.
This is nice.
Some things going on...

Exciting! It has something to do with the Design Forum Finland and my 3D-wallpaper. Story will be continued...

Check Henrique Oliveira



It was couples day.