The box-project. Today I made many small boxes .

Laatikko-projekti. Rakensin tänään monta monta pientä laatikkoa.


Wednesday morning

On my way to the pharmacy to get some medicine for A. (he is having a high fever) I made these Wednesday morning notes.
For a while I have had the feeling, I´m not doing enough and the feeling really annoys me. I´m trying to get rid of it.

Painted by have beautiful pieces.

Remember this three? This is the same tree at our backyard, but now all the leaves have fallen down. After many long and grey days,
today the sun is shining just a little bit and I can feel the difference right away.


Autumn walk

My friend Suvi bought an Icelandic horse and his name is Engill, he is in the last picture. That´s the reason why I have now these
new beautiful friends. I don´t know anything about horses, but walking with them in the forest was a really nice experience.


A new friend

Great weekend at the countryside. I have a new friend. He really stoled my heart :)!


Colours of the nature

Days are really grey, but the colours of the nature are still bright. I´m trying to ignore the fact that sun is still hiding.

Ungtblod :)



The atmosphere of this day is grey, still and silent.



They were playing on the other side and I was playing on my side of the street and I was so curious to know what they were playing. You know,
I was the "fifth wheel" :)


A pin wheel and a kite

A new week and new tricks. I made a cloud shaped kite and a pin wheel. A helped me in making of the pin wheel.
The wheel works, the kite is waiting for a right type of wind to blow. My energy level worries me, it´s too low...

I keep watching this video again and again.


Under construction

After long thinking, I decided that Finnish language will visit sometimes here as well. Have a nice weekend!

Pitkän tuumimisen jälkeen päätin, että myös suomenkieli tulee vilahtelemaan blogissani silloin tällöin. Hauskaa syksyistä viikonloppua!



Today we have so many good reasons to say HUR-RAA=hurrah! It´s Friday (it´s my favorite day) and the sun is shining.
The biggest reason for HURRAA is that today is Essi´s birthday! Happy birthday dear!


My "machine"

Well, as you can see my "machine" is quite simple. I think it´s more a tool than a machine, but I´m not a engineer and I don´t know how to do
really technical and mechanical things, so it´s enough and it´s really working :)
For a next week session I have to combine a object/machine and wind...

I wish I could understand French, Olivelse = beautiful!


-3 celsius

Hello! Temperature is -3 celsius cold. Today we have breezy air and beautiful light :)

I´m having a nice course in the University. We are creating machines...I think I´m trying to create a tiny carpet machine, it can make carpets
to dollhouse. I´ll show it later, if I get something to show :)


Inspiring book 5

Yesterday I went to the library and found many interesting books. This book is about making the rag carpet.
Rag carpets are a big part of the finnish culture and our culture history. Here you can design your own carpet.



With these ingredients I´m going to have a really nice weekend :) Have fun!

That lovely postcard came from Hong Kong. Thanks Huldero!
Eat&Joy-Farmers market

One of my favorite stores in Helsinki. The store sells organic food, today I bought a bread and dark chocolate.


Easy evening

Nice time by myself, lots of tea and fashion magazines. Weekend is almost starting :)



I made the conclusion that I´m not a big fan of October. Days are getting darker and the weather is really unpredictable and
the palette of colours...hmmm, just too much brown and yellow for me.

Liivia has opened a lovely shop Jojo.


Inspiring book 4

It was love at first sight, when I first time saw some works of Anu Tuominen. Atmosphere of her books is light and fresh and I can spend a lot of
time just watching the pictures again and again.