Last frames

The last random frames from Tallinn. It was nice to come back to home, although after the holiday I felt a little bit hard to start
my everyday life. Do you know what I mean?

Not later than now it´s serious time to take gloves, caps and scarfs from the stock, air is getting really cold and chilly. It´s the last day
of September, welcome October!


Kohvik Matilda

We had a really nice time in a lovely Matilda Cafe. Their cinnamon buns are delicious :)


Stone and tower

This town is made of stones and towers. Can´t describe it, but I hope that few of these pictures will tell it. I warmly recommend you to visit
in Tallinn. Tomorrow we are heading back to home.



from the old town of Tallinn.
Soft colours

Hello and greetings from Tallinn! I´m having a little holiday here with my mom. The city is beautiful and the old town is full of interesting
little alleys, shops, cafeterias and restaurants. I´m so excited!


Big lines

I visited last week at A´s school. It was nice to see the work spaces and where the "magic happens". I think that buildings and cities are
still a little bit too much for me to handle, but interiors...well, they are totally a different story :)


Red and round

I´m starting the knitting project. Let´s see how long my scarf will be.



Long and a lazy morning. I´m going to the library and after that it´s time to start writing the design research essay.
Relaxing Sunday to all of you :)

Essi mailed for me this great link. I´m dreaming of living the loft life.



Pattern and the shadow of the pattern.
Nice way

It was nice way to start the weekend. We drew and skechted a lot and some of the ideas which popped out were quite nice.


Feeling the Fall

The leaves are turning into different shades of yellow and they are falling down here and there. The morning air is chilly. I really want to knit
something warm, maybe a long scarf would be nice...and apples, definitely have to bake an apple pie.

I would like to have some of these Vivetta´s clothes.



I like so much grey, white and yellow colour combination. Like this beautiful textile work of Paulette Peroni, which I
found through Donatella´s blog.



Mind scapes.
Cottage life

Oh my, it was so nice weekend at the cottage. Basically it was just sleeping, swimming in the lake (water was already a little bit chilly) and
taking easy. The weather was fantastic! I hope you had a good weekend as well :)


Away from city

We are heading to the cottage for this weekend. Bye!



That old chest was full of those lovely old metal typefonts.


Long week

It´s just Tuesday and I´m already exhausted. This week is feeling really looooong. I´m tired and I don´t feel inspired at all.
Nice thing is that the Helsinki Design Week is all over the city.


Inspiring book 3

I have posted about this book before, but I find this book so inspiring and beautiful again and again, so I decided to make a new post of it.

Unruly things