Fresh start

This week I had many busy days, lots of culture happenings, exhibitions and theatre, I had fun :)
Especially I have to mention the exhibition of Stiina Saaristo.
January is almost over, I can´t wait spring to come. Well it´s going to still be really white at least one month, but the days are longer and
the sun shines, so February is starting in a fresh mood.




Days go by, it´s already Wednesday. Yesterday I was here at the exhibition opening ceremony.

Susanna Majuri


Last week of January


My Sunday

- vitamins
- fresh air
- some work
- good food
Ingredients for a really nice Sunday :)



Happy Saturday!



I´m already missing this friend.
Walk on ice

Sea is finally frozen. It´s so cool to walk on ice :)

And again I wish I could understand French, Pomme. So beautiful!



Winter keeps going on

I´ve been sick few days, I think that tomorrow I can start to work again. Have a nice week!


Last but not least

As you can see, my weekend was full of furry friends. This guy, Wille-Einari is a silly boy and always ready for play and to have fun.
White wonder

I had a lovely Sunday noon in the best company I can imagine. Me and Suvi went for a nice long walk to the white beautiful forest with Engill
and I got that small white one, Vinuri :) Can´t resist these wonders.




Tapio Wirkkala

We went to see Tapio Wirkkala-exhibition few weeks ago. It´s was a really good exhibition. Wirkkala was a designer, but also a sculptor.
Emma, the Espoo Museum of Modern Art is a nice museum.


Small Wednesday notes

I think in everyday life small things are more important than big things.
I like to use Moleskine -notebooks and calendar, I just can´t resist them.


Tuesday fog

Today at noon the city center was upside down, trams didn´t move and busses were late, also a big water pipe was broken
in Kaisaniemi. There was fog all over the center and all the colours looked like they were fainted. It was funny and weird Tuesday.
The tower in the first picture looked like this couple days ago. What a change :)