Last Sunday

Pictures from our biking trip.


Light pink


It´s been amazingly hot! Water in the sea is also warm, but luckily still enough refreshing.


Light in the forest
Be aware!

There´s no trails nearby, (or I have not found them ;)) but there´s sign warning about moving trains.
Summer breeze


Harbour life


Shades of blue

Friday! I´m singing the same song, that it is my favorite day :) Right now I´m zipping cold white wine and I´m making the last accessories
for tomorrow. We have five wedding this summer/fall to go, tomorrow is the second one. Have a nice W-E-E-K-E-N-D!


Wednesday evening

Summer is here! We have had nice, warm and sunny days. We´ve been quite
active after work days, there is so much nice things to do. I wish I could have an hour more per day.

I say hello July, you are very welcome!