Last days

of December. Year 2009 is ending and new is almost starting, I have hopes for the year 2010. Have you?
These pictures are images of my childhood landscapes. Lots of woods and fields.
White and red Christmas

I hope your holiday was nice! Mine was nice and it´s still continuing. I´m happy that we still have snow on the ground. My big brother has
drawn the bells in the first picture when he was little, I think they look a little bit funny, but in the right way :)


Merry Christmas

There isn´t much light, but it is still white. With these pictures I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! :)

Valkoinen Joulu. Näiden kuvien myötä haluan toivottaa teille kaikille oikein Ihanaa ja Rauhaisaa Joulua! :)


Sunny city

I love the rooftops and the silhouette of Helsinki.

Better View curtain by Elina Aalto.

I needed a pause, from everything. Posting feels really nice and important after a while. My holiday weeks I´m going to just read good books,
take pictures, eat well, watch movies, enjoy the winter and sleep :)
How are you going to spend your holiday?


Bright and blue

After so long grey period it snowed yesterday evening and temperature is now -14 celsius. This week is the last working week
before the holiday starts, I have to admit I´m counting the days :)

I like Karen´s textile work, she has opened a shop.


First Hujour-product

I designed and sold my first Hujour labeled products in the Xmas sale. I was so happily surprised because only one piece was left and I got
also few orders to make. I got much positive feedback and interests :). I promise to post better pictures soon and tell and show
the idea of accessory. After Christmas I hope that I´m able to take orders from here as well, if you are interested
to have and wear Hujour-accessories.
Grey it is

Colour of the day, or maybe it is the colour of the week. Hmmm, I think it´s better to say that grey is colour of the month :)
Christmas is coming and I´m keeping my fingers crossed for the white Christmas. There is a tiny, really tiny chance that it´s going to happen.
When I was a child, I remember that Christmas eve was always white...


Fannyest xmas sale ever

Tiina organized a really nice Christmas Sale at Fanny goes to Hollywood. The sale were at Tuesday and yesterday evening.
The atmosphere was warm and fun and there was so much nice people. I sold almost all products what I got :)
Here are few designer who were also there: Awe, Juho Heikkinen, Lempiväri, Myssy, Eelovi, I made this.
Boxes of Surprises 2

This calendar has given so much fun time. The first thing in the morning is that we open the box of the day.
Santa´s New Boots are hilarious, story continues here. (Not for children)
My box is still close.



My pile and A´s pile. Not even two weeks for holiday to start and still so much to do. These weeks are going to be hectic for me.


On my way to school

Wednesday I forgot my camera into the tram and fortunately I noticed it almost right away and I ran after the tram to get it back.
That day my way to school changed a little bit and I found many interesting new buildings around the University.
In the last picture is my classmate Ai´s desk.

Have a nice weekend, mine is full of work. I´m hoping to have a little freetime also and I will post Boxes of Surprises pictures :)



I visited quickly at Tampere and in the morning everything looked like this. Afternoon I came back to Helsinki and all this white was
just a memory. Waiting for the frost to come here as well.



My measure collection.
Black and White

Welcome December! It´s so dark outside, I´m burning candles all the time. The first box of surprise is open.
I show you the contents of the boxes later.

Acne Paper Invite by Daniel Carlsten.