Boxes of Surprises

Today is first Advent. I´m a Christmas person, I like warm atmosphere of December. I don´t like to rush in stores, but I like to sit in cafeterias
and drink glogg and be with loved ones.
And then there was this really nice project, which I was honoured to take part of. It´s Laura´s Christmas calendar, Boxes of Surprises.
She invited 24 designers and artists, who were given free hands to create their own surprise in cardboard box however they wanted.
The numbers of the box are also done by the artist. Guess which one is my number? :)



I´m thinking of cakes and pastries, because today is A´s Birthday and I´m going to bake a cake and also going to get some sparkling wine :)
My stripe textiles are slowly starting to have a shape, next week I can show more pictures.
Tomorrow I´m going to post my first Christmas post. Have a really nice weekend, be happy!

Mielessä vilisee kakut ja leivokset, koska tänään on A:n syntymäpäivä ja aion leipoa kakun, sekä hakea hiukan kuohuviiniä kyytipojaksi :)
Raitakankaatkin ovat alkaneet saamaan muodon, laitan ensi viikolla lisää kuvia lopputuloksista.
Huomenna luvassa ensimmäinen jouluaiheinen postaus. Hauskaa viikonloppua ja olkaa iloisia!


One walk

These pictures are from my walk to the center. Our neighborhood looks like this. Lots of old buildings and small streets. I really like
the atmosphere of the area.

I forgot to tell you about this great installation of Miroslaw Balka at Tate Modern in London, we went to see and feel it and wow,
it was amazing, I recommend you to watch the video all the way.


Inspiring book 6

It´s a new week and I´m back in business :)
Do you remember this picture? This beautiful picture book is full of old photos taken by Victor Barsokevitsch.
The pictures are mainly old portraits from the end of 1800-century.
I love to observe especially the small details, hats, shoes, dresses and the hair styles.



Our postman is so nice, he keeps dropping nice postcards to our mailbox. Today morning a nice card came from Hong Kong by Huldero, but I
think this may be the last card from there, because Huldero moved to Bangkok. Weeks ago another postcard arrived from Bangkok by Essi.
I miss them so much!



So this is my place to be the rest of the week as well.

"that is doctor´s order" and I left there a pile of medicine recipes with me.


Stockholm 3

Moderna Museet is one of my favorite place in Stockholm. The location of the museum is so delicious.
These were the last pictures from our trip. Starting tomorrow back to everyday life posts...
Stockholm 2

Okay, after two weeks fun travelling part, I came back home and noticed that the less fun part started, I got a nasty flu and now I´m just
sleeping and supping hot drinks. I´m full of inspiration after travelling, but don´t have energy to do nothing.

But here are some posts from Stockholm. I like the city very much, I sometimes really consider that it would be great to live there a while.
Well, you never know, where the life leads you :)?


Quick visit

to Konstfack. It was interesting and the school was really nice. Big spaces and a lot of light.



We were the lucky ones and got the opportunity to visit at Claesson Koivisto Rune. Their office is really fine and the atmosphere was inspiring.
Eero Koivisto gave us a good presentation.

Home sweet home :) it´s nice to be back. Stockholm was nice as usual. We had a quite tight programme, but yesterday we had freetime and
I managed to got some pictures. So some Stockholm posts coming soon.

P.s. We stayed at Hilton Slussen hotel :) it was so nice, thanks to our professor!


Straight in front of the camera

These are the last frames before I go. I wish you again a very nice week and next week I will post you a piece of Stockholm.

Colours, colours, colours

Random colour notes from our trip.
Today evening I´m packing my bags again, because tomorrow I´m travelling to Stockholm with my classmates. Our professor is going to
lead us at least to here and here.