Soft and slow

Good morning :) Today´s theme is soft and slow.

Modern Country



A vanilla ice cream and strawberries is my favorite combination.

I´m going to travel to Heinola to meet my parents and the littlesillyhappy dog. The next post will come from the
countryside :).


Picking the berries

This time of the summer turns me in a little bit melancholy mood. It´s time to start picking the nature´s crop for
reserve and that reminds me about the winter. Luckily there is still summer left...
After a while

I´m not the most patient person, so when I get the feeling, that I need a change there´s nothing to do about it, I just have
to do the change :). Last weekend I got a strong inspiration about painting our apartment walls and an idea of changing
the places of the furniture and getting new curtains, pillow covers etc...So, that is what we´ve been doing lately.
Well, we are almost ready, some sewing and seeking of the new textile is left, I´m really satisfied.

Today we went to a really nice flea market, we made some finds there to our home, one is this tricot weft roll.
I´m going to knit something nice from it to our kitchen.

I found this interesting apartment site through Liivia.



Annes dress is ready and she really likes it. Time to start weekend. Have a nice time!

This ink calendar is great!


It´s like magic

I bought The White Pearl -white tea. The tea leaves are like small pearls and with hot water, simsalabim the magic happens,
the tea pearls open :)! That is one of the natures small things that I enjoy.


Old style spirit

Today I visited with Anna and Anne in a little, old textile store. The really nice salesman gave us good service and in
the end he packed our purchases in an old style way in a beautiful pattern paper. We were fascinated, that kind of
service you don´t get so often anymore.



I like sketching. A white paper and a black ink pen are enough, a hint of some colours sometimes. I sketch pictures,
but I also like to draw words, the words include a lot of adjectives, description words. Sketching makes my ideas clearer.

I have had so many new readers and I have to thank Sandra for that. Her blog is so fine and she takes beautiful pictures.


New week, new dress

New week begins and I´m working with this dress, I will show you more pictures of it when it´s ready. I´m making
the dress for my schoolfriend Anne, she is a photographer, so she will need big pockets for her dress.

I like clothes of Phillip Lim.
Sun and sheep

The sheep just kept saying "määääää!". :)


Saturday swing

Todays Saturday swing has consisted of colourful thread rolls.

A beautiful harmony. I will never get tired of these colours.


The evening

Today was warm and a sunny summer day, but I managed to go out just before the sun went down.
Have a nice weekend!

Fokus Fabrik has very nice prints.


Laundry shadows

A perfect day for washing the laundry and hanging up the wet sheets to dry outside.


Important for me

I´ve been designing and sewing clothes lately. My dream profession was a fashion designer for a long time and I studied it for
a while before I changed my main subject to the Applied Art and Design. Clothes and fashion are still really important for me.

Minä Perhonen is lovely.



My friend really likes Moomin and she collects products of Moomin. Here is just a few of them. I can´t decide which
character is my favourite one...can you?

I also love Pippi.

This weekends address was Tampere and a gig of Tehosekoitin. The gig was really great!


Trip to Karelian

After the wedding we continued our trip to the Karelian and also visited in Vyborg. On our trip we saw lots of lakes and
bridges and a way back home we travelled a little distance by a cable ferry.