Flea markets

After a long Saturday morning we had time to go to the flea markets and we made some nice finds. I love hanging around at the local flea markets
and enjoy the little town spirit.
In a good company

Lovely weekend! We were at our friends summerhouse in Heinola. Good food, dear friends and a lots of sleeping. Can there be a better
way to spend a last summer weekend? :)


Inspiring book 2

The vintage style and old laces are so inspiring. I wish you all a very nice weekend, enjoy and relax!


New steps

My Master studies have started, lots of new things and I love it! Although I´ve been studying so many years I still find it interesting.
Sometimes I feel myself a little bit old, but everybody have a different path to go and my way have been a little bit longer.
This week have been a mess, I will post soon as possible :)



Enjoying the nights of August. The Fall is in the air...


Luxury 4

It took me a little bit longer to go back to the Design Forum and take the pictures of my 3D-wallpaper.



I thought it would be nice to tell you shortly about my blogname. Hujour is my nickname, which Essi gave me years ago. It was a long and
a cold winter night and it got also something to do with few glasses of wine :).

I have had couple requests to write also in finnish so let´s see...

Making the plans for the future. M&M have a really fine home and their raspberry jam is the best. MMmmm! You can see more
here at Valkoinen Persilja.


Special guest

Today I had special visitors. Essi is visiting in Finland and Helena is leaving to Shanghai. Pia joined us a little bit later. I baked for us
bread and bun, we ate and drank lots of tea and coffee, talked and laughed. Thank you girls for making my day!

More food La Tartine Gourmande.



The weekend was so great! The spirit at the festival was wonderful. Jenny Wilson and her band were magnificent. Well, now I have
a little monday mood after all that joy...



A beautiful summer day again, we just walked around the city.

Morning coffee

Good Saturday morning! This kind of mornings are my favorite. There is time to read the paper and drink a cup of coffee so long that I want.
The yesterday evening at the festival was great, good music and a nice weather.Ladyhawke was good.


Stripe shirt

I made a simple shirt for the weekend. You may have noticed that I really like stripes :). We are going to Flow Festival here in Helsinki.
Especially I´m waiting for the gig of Jenny Wilson, she is one of my favorite artist. I wish you all a very nice weekend :)!
Inspiring book

Himmeli-book. The himmeli is so simple and so beautiful product. Making himmeli is easy, you just need starws,
a thread, a needle and time.

Here is a video about making of himmeli, (sorry I didn´t find any english version).


Quick visit

Quick visit to Tampere. I saw couple of my dear loooooong time friend, it´s always a pleasure. With A. I sat in the nice cafe, there was a
summer movie theatre in the backyard terrace.



Can you believe what my mom found from the garbage can? These beautiful Kaj Franck´s schnapps glasses. Someone´s trash is someone´s treasure.

More vintage glass.
Little changes

Laura bought a dress from the flea market, the dress was a little bit "old fashion", but after our design session it turn out to be a quite cool dress :)



I like the pictures of Celia Perrin Sidarous.



The air is warm and the sun shines from the blue sky. It´s nice to start the weekend. My master studies is going to start soon, so I´m trying
to enjoy of these last beautiful summer weeks. Have a nice weekend!