Book project

I´m making a "new" sketch book using an old book cover, I show you later how the project continues.

I like this idea and the web site, a really nice material.
Lots of bustle

We had our friend birthday party last weekend. The party place was a lovely old dairy in a beautiful countryside. It was
a really great trip. After the party it was nice to come back home next day and read the newspaper and drink
a cup of coffee.


Paper bag

Some pics of my friend Laura´s final work. It was a large project, so these photos are just a taste of it. The summer
is here and the nights are warm, we are enjoying it. Have a nice weekend!



It´s been really hot weather in Helsinki and I´ve been a little bit lazy. The blog layout is almost ready.
Tuesday i saw my dear friend Laura. She has such a beautiful and an inspiring home. There are so many interesting pictures,
items and her works are magnificent. She is a really talented designer.

I like works of Sarah Illenberger.


A little pause. I´m making a new layout for the blog, I´m almost ready. So, soon I have time for a new post.


Luxury 3

These photos are from the installation of Kaj Kalin. The installation reflects the summer morning of a young couple
after the wedding. It´s really delicate and beautiful as a whole. It´s made in really finnish style, it´s minimalistic and there
is a lots of wood and light colours.
Today is Midsummer day, sun will shine all night long (I hope). The weather is now cold and rainy, but we hope for the best.
Have a nice weekend!

I making this cake for the evening.


Luxury 2

Here are more photos from the Luxury exhibition. I love that textile installation, it´s made of felt. See more Anne Kyyrö Quinn.
I have to take new photos of my work (I had a wrong settings in my camera), so next week I´m going to post some pictures
of my 3D-wallpaper.



Charlie Chaplin was so right.



Poppys are one of my favorite flowers. This one is from my mothers garden. I´m daydreaming that I could have
my own garden.


House of joy 2

Do you remember the house of joy. They had a christening celebration on Saturday and a baby girl got a beautiful
name: Isla Ellen Alina. The day was full of sunshine and happiness.

I like this site. Lovely apartments.


Little "dachshund"

For little Isla.


Party is over

Back to normal. The exhibition opening party was great, lots of lovely people. I didn´t manage to get any photos, but
next week I´m going to take some pictures from the exhibition and I show them then to you. Have a nice weekend!

Check these axes.


Last weekend

A good company, an old sauna and a hint of pink. I tell you later about that pink, it has something to do with the bride.

It has been like this (sorry, no time for a posting). Wallpaper rolls from my main sponsor Elitis (thank you!) and a really
messy home. The exhibition open ceremony is today (11 of June) evening. Everything is ready. No more rush. After
the open ceremony, I´m going to take a glass of white wine, eat some swedish strawberries and after that just sleep.



I made a lingonberry-vanilla cheesecake. Baking is relaxing and a nice way to spend time.

Proud Creative is an interesting Design Studio in London.


Cups and pots

Today I travelled to see my parents and I also visited my favorite antique shop! It´s filled with old vintage design
dishes, Finel, Wärtsilä, Arabia, etc...time just flies there.