I´m so curious, I like to see what is behind the gates. I like hidden places.
Have a nice week!




Welcome to Kalasatama!

I´m so proud of that tomato. We are trying to keep a really good care of it so we can eat mini-tomatoes in a couple of weeks.
Midsummer 3

We found this hidden yellow house. Someway it was a little bit spooky, because nobody lives there anymore, but still at the kitchen
the table was clean and setting was ready for the dinner.
Midsummer 2


Greetings from the countryside! We celebrated Midsummer at the summer cottage in a good company. We ate lots of good food,
went to sauna and swam in the lake. We even saw a Midsummer bonfire. I´m posting pictures from our walks which we did yesterday and today.


Sunday morning

Cherries are so good, I can´t decide are they even better than strawberries. Well, I like them both :)
This week is a short working week, because from Thursday we are celebrating Midsummer.
Have a nice week!


My week

by pictures and finally it´s Friday! My favorite day of the week :) Me and A. are going to have a nice weekend and just do the things
that we really want to do. I hope you will have a nice weekend too!


Tuesday evening

We went to see how the plants are doing and the result was good...we don´t have to wait so long anymore and we can actually get some food from there.

I hope you´re doing fine. I´m slowly learning a new daily rutin, so I hope that there´s going to be also some time for this blog.
Days and weeks just pass by quickly. Those who are starting their summer holidays, I wish you´re holiday will be succesful! :)



Small weekend details



At the moment it´s really nice weather outside, I´m going to take a book and go to the park and enjoy my free time. Have a nice Sunday!
Bags in the harbour 2

Couple weeks ago I posted about these bags. Me and A are part of the group called Kaupunkiviljelijät-"City farmers". We are having
our farming lot in Kalasatama. It´s an old harbour and in the future it will be a really nice living area, but that will take many many years,
so in the while we are growing our vegetables there. I have to warn you, there´s going to be a lot of pictures from this project.